Are you one of the thousands of Veterans who have been denied by the Department of Veterans Affairs for service connected condition(s)?  Have you received a denial that you disagree with?  As a Veteran who has served their country, Attorney Andrew J McKeown believes you are entitled to the very best legal representation.  His philosophical approach toward Veteran advocacy is straight forward, he will argue as aggressively as necessary to assure YOU receive fair compensation.

Unfortunately, the appeals process is never easy and fighting the Department of Veterans Affairs on your own can be overwhelming.  Attorney McKeown will do all the hard work for you from: scheduling your hearings;  hiring independent medical professionals for a 2nd opinion; and obtaining other evidence in favor of your claim.  After gathering this information and evidence, Attorney McKeown will make the most forceful and persuasive arguments outlining your entitlement to service connection.

Confidential Consultations are 100% Free

Andrew wants you to be confident that you made the right choice in selecting him to represent you.  Andrew brings a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding the Department of Veterans Affairs compensation process.  As a former Department of Veterans Affairs employee, he is all too familiar with many of the Department’s unfair tactics when fighting for service connection.

Most importantly, do not hesitate, in many instances firm deadlines apply to appeal Department of VA decisions.  Nevertheless, in some cases the amount of time that has passed since the Department’s decision does not matter.  Please fill out one of the contact forms on this website or contact Attorney Andrew J McKeown through phone or email and he will make every effort to contact you within 24 hours to discuss your claim.

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